Fryderyk Danielczyk STORE has been set up as a result of my passion for REVITALISING furniture, mainly from the 60s and 70s but not only.

Unlike restoration or conservation, revitalisation means GIVING OBJECTS A NEW LIFE without making the old mistakes. In the past furniture manufacturers either didn’t have the necessary knowledge or any choice and that’s why they used poor quality upholstery, toxic substances to preserve the furniture or harmful varnishes, paints and adhesives.

I make sure that every piece of furniture I revitalise keeps its BEAUTIFUL FORM, is LONG-LASTING and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY at the same time. That’s why in my work I use HIGH QUALITY NATURAL MATERIALS (fabrics, veneers etc.) and oils which, unlike varnishes and paints, let the wood BREATHE.

Revitalisation is a form of true RECYCLING which helps reduce the pollution of the environment and save at least a little bit of the fading history. Each piece of furniture at Fryderyk Danielczyk STORE is a HIGH QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and EXTRAORDINARY item with a SOUL which I can PERSONALISE and tailor to suit even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Let me invite you to browse through and co-design the extraordinary furniture.

Fryderyk Danielczyk