Audio table, audio vintage
Audio table, audio vintageAudio table, audio vintageAudio table, audio vintageAudio table, audio vintageAudio table, audio vintage


Audio table FD Store.
Rosewood. Classic Vintage.
In our projects we do not use veneers that are thin, unreliable and, above all, not resistant to damage!
We use only the highest quality veneers,  i.e. wood sheets of 3-5mm thickness. Thanks to this solution and the bonding technology we have developed, our products are equipped with durable and beautiful enclosures.


Audio table FD Store. Rosewood. Classic Vintage.


Vibrations from the outside environment are transferred through the construction of a building, floor or air into the playback system. Some of them are actually produced by the mechanical system of the audio equipment itself. Regardless of their source, vibrations interact with each other, which results in various kinds of distortions and disruptions in the sound.

A brilliant solution to this problem is a FD Store anti-vibration platform, which reduces a large portion of vibrations and ensures isolation of all audio devices (turntables, receivers, speakers, etc.) from the outside environment.

It stands out thanks to its high stability, provided by a solid base made from specially selected rosewood wood finished with Chinese oil produced from natural oils and natural turpentine-based beeswax, as well as customized legs made of high-quality aluminium alloy.

The platform, thanks to its beautiful minimalist design and natural materials, brings out the elegance of audio equipment and is a decorative element of any interior


Technical data:

– height with legs – 7,5 cm
– width  – 49 cm
– depth  – 39 cm

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 30 cm