loft lamp after renovation
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OR-5 lamp. PRL era.
“ZAOS” Lighting Equipment Factory
Fully revitalized.


OR-5 lamp from the PRL (Polish People’s Republic) era. “ZAOS” Lighting Equipment Factory. Fully revitalized.


In September 1957, the Mazurian Lighting Equipment Factory A-23 was founded in Wilkasy. The company was under the supervision of the Central Board of the Electrical Equipment Industry in Warsaw and its core production focused on lighting and installation equipment. Two years later, it became part of the Elkam Cable and Electrical Equipment Association in Warsaw, and in 1969 it changed its name to the ZAOS Lighting Equipment Factory. Then, from 1976, based on the decree of the Minister of Machine Industry, the company began its independent operation as the Lighting Equipment Factory “Polam Wilkasy”. After the closing of the Associations in May 1982, the factory joined the voluntary association of the “Polam” Lighting and Electrical Equipment Manufacturers in Warsaw. The company produced luminaires for mining and heavy industry, as well as lighting for housing industry, thanks to its own prototype room, electrical laboratory and construction office. In 1994, a limited liability company Elektrim Wilkasy was established, which was bought back by ES-SYSTEM S.A. in Cracow. December 1999 marked the start of “ES-SYSTEM Wilkasy”, a company operating until today.

OR-5 is the iconic hanging model from “ZAOS” dating from the early 70s. These lamps illuminated both the offices of the PRL dignitaries, as well as school canteens and clinics. The presented model comes from the meeting room of one of the agricultural conglomerates.

Old coatings of paint have been removed, and then the lamp was repainted using the automotive wet painting technique. Blue-green varnish was used and secured with transparent matt finish. After revitalization, the lamp also got new cables with a quick-connect terminal block and a decorative LED bulb with a colour temperature of 2000 K (warm yellow light). 3.5 W power consumption – provides the same amount of light as 28 W. 300 Lumens.


Technical data:

– height: 65 cm
– diameter: 40 cm
– year of production: 1974

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 60 cm

60 cm


50 cm

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