Philips RH 521 amplifier
Philips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifierPhilips RH 521 amplifier


Philips RH 521 amplifier. Classic Vintage. Fully revitalized.
The device has been fully reviewed and serviced.
Collector’s item.
In our projects we do not use veneers that are thin, unreliable and, above all, not resistant to damage!
We use only the highest quality veneers,  i.e. wood sheets of 3-5mm thickness. Thanks to this solution and the bonding technology we have developed, our products are equipped with durable and beautiful enclosures.


Philips RH 521 amplifier. Classic Vintage. Fully revitalized.


Koninklijke Philips N.V. commonly known as Philips was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik. Frederik, a Jewish banker, financed the purchase and furnishing of a factory in Eindhoven, where in 1892 the company started production of carbon fiber lamps and other electronic products. After three hard years, Anton, Gerard’s younger brother, joined the company and developed both sales and new technical solutions.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the company began expanding to Europe and then to the world. Among others Philips Italy (1918), Philips Germany (1926), Philips Portugal (1927), Polskie Zakłady Philips SA (1928), Philips India (1930), Philips Hong Kong (1948) were set up.

In 1927, Philips began producing radio and became their world’s largest producer in five years. In the 1930s, the so-called “Chapel” or a characteristic triangular radio with built-in loudspeaker was designed.

Another innovative product called “Porteldisc” or the “hat box” and popularized in 1942 was a portable turntable with a built-in amplifier and a loudspeaker.

In 1963, Philips introduced a cassette tape (thus establishing a global recording standard), and then in 1996 the first cassette player known as the “radio player”.

In 2013, despite the sales plans of the business unit supplying audio equipment, the contract between Philip and Funai Electric was not signed.

Philips RH521 is an amplifier from the early 70s, with reference to the previous decade in its interesting design merging different styles. Thanks to the round gauges, straight lines, a finely brushed aluminum front panel and a wooden enclosure this model made the cover of a summer edition of Stereo Sound magazine in 1973. RH521 is also distinguished by extremely soft and warm sound.

In the 1972 catalog, Philips recommended this model as a device “modern in style, impressive in terms of performance and exemplary in use, opening access to hi-fi stereo sound for all demanding music lovers.”

The enclosure has been completely revitalized and, along with new sapele wood side boards, was finished with Chinese oil produced from natural oils. Potentiometers in perfect condition. The front panel is made of brushed aluminum. The device  has been reviewed and serviced. The metal parts of the housing were painted using the automotive wet painting technique. Potentiometers in perfect condition.

Collector’s item. The device is in perfect condition!

New green illumination of the front panel.


Technical data:

– power: 2 x 30W at 4Ohm, stereo
– frequency range – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– total harmonic distortion: 1%
– damping factor: 20
– input sensitivity: 1 mV (microphone), 2 mV (MM), 100 mV (DIN)
– output sensitivity: 250 mV (DIN)
– impedance 4 Ohm, 16 Ohm
– weight: 8 kg
– dimensions: 50 cm x 14 cm x 31 cm (width x height x depth)
– year of production 1972

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 30 cm