PRL atomic coffee table
PRL atomic coffee tablePRL atomic coffee tablePRL atomic coffee tablePRL atomic coffee table


PRL atomic coffee table (bench), fully revitalised.
In our projects we do not use veneers that are thin, unreliable and, above all, not resistant to damage!
We use only the highest quality veneers,  i.e. wood sheets of 3-5mm thickness. Thanks to this solution and the bonding technology we have developed, our products are equipped with durable and beautiful enclosures.


PRL atomic coffee table (bench). Fully revitalised.

Manufactured in Obornickie Fabryki Mebli in Oborniki Wielkopolskie. Zjednoczenie Przemysłu Meblarskiego

Once the legendary furniture factory in Szamotuły, historically associated with the respected German family Koerpel, became a part of a bigger company located in Oborniki. Wielkopolskie Fabryki Mebli experienced mass redundancies. While the town was coming to terms with it, the factory opened a branch in Słonawy. Some employees found work at the new site. However, a few years later one of the oldest and biggest Polish furniture makers went bankrupt and it seemed like the furniture industry was to disappear from the region. Sometime after Tappol, which had its site in Słonawy where the old Wielkopolskie Fabryki Mebli used to be, opened a new site in the Szamotuły region. And so a new chapter in the longstanding tradition of furniture making had been opened.

PRL atomic coffee table (bench), fully revitalised. The old varnish coats have been fully removed. The bench has been covered with mahogany veneer, the legs are made of beech. Treated with Chinese natural and eco-friendly oil and natural turpentine-based beeswax. The top has been waxed, made waterproof. Solid piece of furniture, detachable wooden legs. Cult coffee table from the Polish People’s Republic era.


Product information:

– height – 51 cm
– width – 52 cm
– length – 120 cm
– manufactured in – 1960s/1970s

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 20 cm

60 cm


52 cm


120 cm